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Welcome to Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

“There are times when we stop and we sit still. We listen to the sounds of nature and breeze from a whole other world begin to whisper”

- James Carroll

Yes, here we are. Nestled and pampered amidst the serene Cheenkanni River and the beautiful adjoining forests of Brahmagiri Hills of Kodagu and Thirunelli Hills of Wayanad, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary gifts you one of the most tranquil environments to settle yourself down. The sanctuary was constituted in the year 1984 and extended to an area of 55 Sq.Km. The Protected Area comes under the jurisdiction of Aralam Wildlife Division, which is a part of Wildlife Circle (Northern Region) Palakkad and shares boundaries with the ecologically significant Kottiyoor Wildlife Sanctuary, another protected area which comes under the same division.

Golden rays of the morning sun filtered through the intertwined branches of the riparian ecosystem and the soothing breeze coming from the Cheenkanni River will take you to a whole new world of wilderness inside the sanctuary along with some of the rare and endemic species of the Western Ghats.


Dragonflies & Damselflies