General Information

Visitors Information

The sanctuary is open to visitors on all days, except on days with contingencies (such as a fire threat) as decided by the Wildlife Warden. Visitors will be welcomed at the entrance gate at Valayamchal and after due procedures, permitted to enter the sanctuary accompanied by guides. The visiting time is from 7.30 AM to 3.00 PM. Nature lovers can also make advanced booking arrangements by contacting the Wildlife Warden’s office through the mentioned phone number. Phone booking will be available from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM everyday.

Entry Fee

Category Total Fee
Adults ₹ 115
Children (13 years-18 years) ₹ 40
Children (below 13 years) ₹ 10
Foreigners ₹ 360
Vehicle -LMV ₹ 110
Movie Camera ₹ 240
Still Camera ₹ 40


Accommodation will be available at Guest house and Dormitory situated at Valaymachal on special tariffs. Dormitory will be available at a cost of Rs. 170 per head and on a special tariff of Rs. 55 per head for students. Guest house will be available at a cost of Rs. 665 per day for single occupancy, Rs. 995 per day for double occupancy and US $55 for foreign nationals per day. Advanced booking through Wildlife Warden's official phone number is a must for arranging accommodation facilities.

Codes of Conduct

  • Please visit the sanctuary for truly taking in what this place has to offer. Since this is a wild terrain with potential dangers, follow the guide provided by the sanctuary authorities.
  • Wilderness is unpredictable. Please don’t come with pre-set expectations. Please be unobtrusive in your dress and behaviour. No loud noises, jerky movements and flashy colours. Avoid using perfumes.
  • Please do not carry food and eat inside the forest or attempt to feed any wild animals. Feeding wild animals is an offence punishable under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972. No plastics are allowed to be carried inside the sanctuary. Please do not discard anything inside or outside the sanctuary.
  • Please move in groups and obey the instructions given by the guide.
  • The river looks very enticing. Obey the directions of the sanctuary authorities and do not enter the river unless permitted. Please do not throw any kind of garbage into the streams or surroundings.
  • Drinking and smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Be a responsible tourist and cherish every moment you share with Nature.