A Road to the Cascade

Waterfalls are always magical and a feast to the eyes. A waterfall inside the heart of the forest is even more beautiful and serene. The milky water originating from the mountains and flowing through the lush evergreen forests of Aralam and forming a majestic waterfall in the Meenmutty is a sight you won’t forget anytime soon. The surrounding untouched forests and scenic landscapes add on to its beauty. A dip in the pristine water will rejuvenate you like anything. Meenmutty waterfalls is a 15km jeep ride from the ticket counter through the forest paths of AWS. You can hire the vehicle or you can go with your own vehicle with extra charges. A guide will assist you to ensure your safety and will describe about the wildlife around. More than the abundant number of butterflies along the paths, you will witness some of the majestic and beautiful fauna of the Western Ghats.

Entry fee
₹ 115 per person
wildlife sanctuary
Meenmutti Waterfalls