Call of the River

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, And, if not now, when? A walk through the banks of beautiful Cheenkanni River amidst the riparian vegetation of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary will help relieve all your stress and bring you closer to Mother Nature. The path would take you to another world where you can enjoy the sounds of the river, mirror reflection, the small and pretty pebbles, shaded by trees on either sides of the bank, bird songs and so on. This trail finally leads to the Pookkund region which is famous for the remarkable butterfly mud puddling. From October to March you can witness enormous numbers of butterflies which feels almost like a dream. This 2km walk is a perfect option for all age groups. The guides accompanying you will give more insight into the forest floor that you are walking on. The package provides minimal snack food for the visitors.

Entry fee
₹ 115 per person
Package fee
₹ 200 per person, [ Minimum two persons (₹ 500) or Maximum five persons (₹ 1000) ]
Banks of Cheenkanni River