A Voyage Afloat

We are assuring you a special package full of fun and adventure. Bamboo rafting across the streams of Aralam is a newly designed package for the visitors of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary. The calmness over the streams, waterdrop splashes on your face and the greenery of the forest surrounding you will offer you a beautiful relaxing journey across the river. Like Neruda once wrote, “Water is another matter, has no direction but its own bright grace, runs through all imaginable colors, takes limpid lessons from stone, and in those functionings plays out the unrealized ambitions of the foam”. Collect your memories like flowing water and cherish for your lifetime.

Entry fee
₹ 115 per person
Package fee
₹ 200 per person, [ Minimum two persons (₹ 500) or Maximum five persons (₹ 1000) ]